Making the Southland Area a safe, attractive and welcoming place
to shop, eat, do business and live.


Southland Drive tree planting ceremony.

In October 2004, a group of property and business owners in the Southland Drive area of Lexington, Kentucky came together to establish the Southland

Association — a non­profit Community Service Organization dedicated to making the Southland Area a safe, attractive, and welcoming place to shop, eat, do business & live.

As members of the Southland Association, we work together to establish priorities for the Southland Area and develop programs to address its present and future needs as the area develops into one of Lexington’s most vibrant, fun, and fast­growing neighborhoods.

Some of our accomplishments since 2004:

  • Repainted the railroad overpass and improved its appearance.
  • Continually work with police to eliminate graffiti throughout the neighborhood.
  • Created a new Southland venue for Lexington’s popular Farmers Market each Sunday from April ­ October.
  • Planted 140 trees along Southland Drive and a 15 foot tall white fir tree in front of the fire station.
  • Started in 2006 a free bluegrass music concert series called the Southland Jamboree. Concerts are held each
  • Tuesday evening from the last week in May through August.
  • Started in 2008 the Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony, a free family friendly event at the Fire Station.
  • Helped return a LexTran bus route to Southland Drive.
  • Participated in establishing two commercial rain gardens at Oleika Temple and Good Foods Co­op.
  • Coordinated space for a LexArts wall mural near the Southland Dr.­Rosemont Garden intersection.
  • Bike lanes, Bike lanes, Bike Lanes! ​We’ve finally seen the implementation of a project that’s been years in the making. Southland Drive has been resurfaced with the addition of bike lanes and then sidewalks under the rail road bridge. This has been a unique project utilizing Federal grant money, LFUCG funds AND Southland Association funds. We hope it will have a huge positive impact for years to come. And, don’t worry, the bike lanes will be painted in the spring and we’ll have the grand opening during the street fair in May.
  • Southland Street Fair ­ Coming MAY 9th, 2015!

We’ve Accomplished A Lot, But We Need Your Help Too.

Our annual dues for both individuals/families and businesses are very affordable. And, as the Southland Association is an all­volunteer organization, you know that all of your dues are going right to the projects that are helping improve our neighborhood and make it into one of the best places in Lexington to live, work, and raise a family.

The Southland Association is a community group open to any person or organization supporting our mission:

“Making the Southland Area a safe, attractive and welcoming place to shop, eat, do business and live.”

Members include businesses, professionals, individuals, families, property owners, & neighborhood associations.

The officers and directors of the board share a common bond and sense of commitment to the community. They volunteer their time to create a single, unified entity which can in turn work with other organizations, such as the many divisions of the LFUCG, to accomplish mutual goals. The Southland Association also serves as an advocate for its members. By joining forces together, members have the ability to work more efficiently and effectively for the betterment of the Southland Area.

We stand united in support of the Southland community, and we encourage you to join us now,

Southland Association Board of Directors